Friday, May 24, 2013

odd chiptunes

Some odd chiptunes I have found and wanted to share with you.

Zeuhl chiptunes music.  If you don't know about zehul . Is just a type of progressive music that mixes  rock, jazz, military call and response and African-American spirituality vocals and classical music to create a type of alien pop/rock or invented folk music.

Find more here

Exotica chiptunes . Exotica is a strange kind of jazz and pop music popular in the 50s and 60s . Exotica means to give the impression of exotic landscapes and sounds especially Oceania.

More Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia here

And this guy. Yerzmyey. He makes standard chiptune music except he uses ZX Spectrum instead of Nintendo. Most people probably don't know about the Spectrum. It was a gaming console in the 80s only popular in Europe and  it  had games stored on audio tape casette and took long time to load a game and made beepy sounds when it was loading. Aphex Twin is the only other other musician that makes references to Spectrum  Sinclair and that's probably because he was born in England so he might have had ZX Spectrum  gaming console as a child.  This guy I think is from Poland so it makes sense for him to be nostalgic about Spectrum rather than Nintendo.

There is more for example Extreme Animalz which is sortof hardcore chiptunes like the metal of chiptunes and then a few other things you probably know already such as noise chiptunes and lolicore  etc etc. If you have something to object or you want me to do research for you email me at trollworkout AT gmail com. That's it for now.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The Up film series follows the lives of 14 different british children every 7 years starting at 7 years old to see how their lives turned out in regards to their dreams, hopes, fears and aspirations as children. This is the latest in the series 56up.  (via PFFR)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sleep & Homestudying

Hey everyone!

It has been a long time since I haven't posted anything.

I have a lot to say and I have done a lot these past few months however I am going to post things one at a time. For today I want to write about learning, education, home studying, making a daily plan, sleep schedule and routine.

I like to draw and make things late at night (around 4 AM is believed to be the magic hour the time when people are most creative) . The problem with staying up late is that next day I wake up too late and everything is closed or closing soon and since I got a new job staying up all night leaves me really tired for next day. This tiredness accumulates and by the end of the week I feel useless. So I have tried to come up with a way that I can stay up late and still be able to wake up early in the morning.


From my research I found out the more often you sleep the less hours you need to sleep. (It is strange that this would be the case. I have tried really hard to make a formula that allows you to calculate how many hours you need to sleep based on number of sleep cycles and how far apart they are but I there is no data to use to come up with this formula and I don't know any math that would work with this. So I am going to keep researching. If you got any ideas please let me know.) Then I came across various websites where people atempt to alternative sleeping cycles. The most extreme being the everyman and uberman sleep cycles. The Uberman is 20 minute nap every 4 hours which gives you only 2 hours of sleep. People have tried it and it works. The name Uberman means superman in german and comes from Nietzche's Ubermensch (his idea of the future super man).

The most common sleep cycle is monophasic nocturnal sleep that is one 8 hours sleep phase. From my research I found out that this is actually unhealthy and although most people do it is not good for you.  (Humans used to be polyphasic sleepers just like most animals are.  However, most people are now naturally biphasic. It is believed it has to do with the switch from hunter gatherer to agrarian society. And it is believed only with artificial lighting in the last 200 years monophasic sleeping became standard. In places where there is no electricity some people wake up in the middle of the night to go back and sleep a second time or they take naps during the day and wake up earlier in the morning. )

Because of my work schedule I can only split the day in one nap and one longer sleep phase. So for the last 3 weeks I  have been waking up at 9 am and 9 pm and going to sleep at 7:30 pm and again at 5 am.

 I found out that if I skip a sleep phase I am no longer as tired as I used to be. I have generally more energy and I lose energy slower during the day. If I lose a nap is not as bad anymore. Around 7:30 I get really sleepy and again around 5 am.

Because I am not used to this sleeping schedule if I don't focus on something that keeps me awake I will fall asleep. When I go to work during the week everything is normal however during my days off I sleep all day during the day and only am awake at night. Really odd. This last week I wake up early around 9 am but then go back to sleep and wake up again later. Obviously my body is not used to this schedule. So I came up with making a daily plan during my late night wake phase and my day off phases to keep myself awake.

That brings me to my next topic.


In Japan I am working as an English teacher and I always follow a lesson plan. The lesson plan consists of 5,10,15 or 20 minute activities in a 30, 40, 45, 50 minute class. The activities are really fast and the system is probably not the best. Since I am employed there I need to follow their plan to the dot. However at home I have been experimenting with making my own lesson plans that I follow.

So far I have found that attention span is very short and often things such as studying becomes harder after a few hours. I have found that if you are studying for a few hours then take a break and sleep and study again for a few hours is much more efficient than studying the whole day continuously. You get as much studying done plus so much more when you break everything in small chunks with breaks in between.

So far I have only come up with a night plan that I don't always follow because it does not really work for me that well. JAM, STUDY, DRAW, WRITE. I have noticed that as the waking cycle progresses my attention span is shorter and my mind starts wondering more and more. So things that require lots of attention and effort must be done close to waking up while more creative things should be done later in the wake cycle. Writing maybe should be done just before going to sleep.

I use the computer a lot and I wanted to work out a system in which I can both watch a movie or TV show or cartoon and research or write at the same time. I own a Macbook and I installed an application called Cinch which automatically resizes and sticks windows to left and right side of your compute screen.

Download Cinch here 

I used to have  my movies playing in the right side of the screen and doing my research in the left side  but I noticed I don't pay attention to the video that much. I did some research turns out most people pay attention to the left side of the visual field twice as much as the right side. So I switched my movies to the left side and now I pay more attention. Turns out is easier to have your screen on your left side if you wish to do something and watch visual intensive media at the same time. Audio is never a problem. If you are left handed person this is probably reversed for you.

My idea of making my own daily schedule came from watching a 6 year old girl Adora Svitak who home schools herself and had made her own daily plan and activities mostly focusing on writing and political activism and reading books. She was featured in a TED Talk video.

I have started doing research in regards to homestudying and people who teach their children at home. Homeschooling is not illegal in America and Canada and perhaps not in other parts of the world. However is often seen as bad and perhaps heavily misunderstood. Education and school is in general seen as good thing. After watching a few TED Talk videos on the matter of education and from my own experience I came up with the conclusion that perhaps education is not so good as it kills creativity and uniqueness of individuals. More of this later.

Here is one video to follow up. School kills creativity TED Talk Video. There are others that deserve mention but my source handling is not so great.

Anyway that is all I have to say for now.

Friday, June 22, 2012

found zines in tokyo

Finished school. Left Toronto.  Now in  Tokyo. 

Here I have been looking for art and music. I found a zine library in Shibaura area (in Minato) and this past tuesday I finally managed to make some time to see it. Some of the work really blew my mind ! I had a look at as much as I could in two hours. The library-lady kindly allowed me to stay longer than the library closing time to see a bit more.  She also produced many zines that were not on display and explained about the zine library and where the work come from and even about individual artists. Thank you!

The were many zines there few japanese and a lot more  non japanese ones. I managed to go trough about half of them and took pictures of select few that I saw.  All these pictures  I took with my iPod Touch. The camera resolution of iPods is not very impressive so I apologize for that that. At least I hope you can can get a sense of what I saw. There were some interesting ones I did not manage to capture from new york . However the artist name is written somewhere in a pamphlet as he had a show here in Tokyo.

First few are Korean

From what I saw Korean art is pretty insane. From what i've seen underground culture there is really raw and reminds me of punk / noise culture in Toronto or N America with emphasis either on mad, basic, over done, or photographs of wild parties and crazy things, etc.

Also korean. I don't know if those are drawings or tattoos. If those are tattoos they are the most fucked up tattoos I've seen: all really fast raw  drawings mostly clouds and crystals. Looks like self-tattoos in martian prisons.

I think the following are Japanese. Japanese art seemed usually very simple but weird: patterns, animals, characters and smart simple ideas .

Here are others 

These are some short philosophy/writing zines in an accordeon fold type publication.

and unfolded

Here are the ones I got.. The one in the middle top row is INSANE! Check it out below.

Some photos from my zine. I think is Korean. 

Also BONUS videos. I took about 4,5 videos but these are the ones i uploaded so far. There were dozen of flipbooks. Super awesome

There were others some of the ones that deserve mention were spanish, french and some newyorkers that were really amazing. European underground art is really cool. 

ADDED L8TER: There were many indonesian as wel. Indonesian art is really interesting because it looks a lot like anime. Maybe anime is really popular in indonesia?? I know that Indonesia even makes anime.

Also finally next post will be on what I've been working on. Experimenting with a new style more in the vein of comic/illustration. And trying to make really basic tshirt designs without a screen just using stencils. Is just a test gonna make a more well thought out one after this 

my comic book style whatever style i was talking about & the comic book setup for a future comic perhaps starting to work on it soon still thinking about it..that's for much much later many posts from now. 

In the last picture NOTICE 3 things!!! 1. the deck of magic cards (my source of inspiration #1) 2. the manga is one piece my favourite anime right everywhere i go in japan (really popular here but im by no means a person that automatically hates everything popular) 3. the pens i use very standard been using them for the past few years IF anyone suggests anything new pleas let me know

C U later