Friday, June 22, 2012

found zines in tokyo

Finished school. Left Toronto.  Now in  Tokyo. 

Here I have been looking for art and music. I found a zine library in Shibaura area (in Minato) and this past tuesday I finally managed to make some time to see it. Some of the work really blew my mind ! I had a look at as much as I could in two hours. The library-lady kindly allowed me to stay longer than the library closing time to see a bit more.  She also produced many zines that were not on display and explained about the zine library and where the work come from and even about individual artists. Thank you!

The were many zines there few japanese and a lot more  non japanese ones. I managed to go trough about half of them and took pictures of select few that I saw.  All these pictures  I took with my iPod Touch. The camera resolution of iPods is not very impressive so I apologize for that that. At least I hope you can can get a sense of what I saw. There were some interesting ones I did not manage to capture from new york . However the artist name is written somewhere in a pamphlet as he had a show here in Tokyo.

First few are Korean

From what I saw Korean art is pretty insane. From what i've seen underground culture there is really raw and reminds me of punk / noise culture in Toronto or N America with emphasis either on mad, basic, over done, or photographs of wild parties and crazy things, etc.

Also korean. I don't know if those are drawings or tattoos. If those are tattoos they are the most fucked up tattoos I've seen: all really fast raw  drawings mostly clouds and crystals. Looks like self-tattoos in martian prisons.

I think the following are Japanese. Japanese art seemed usually very simple but weird: patterns, animals, characters and smart simple ideas .

Here are others 

These are some short philosophy/writing zines in an accordeon fold type publication.

and unfolded

Here are the ones I got.. The one in the middle top row is INSANE! Check it out below.

Some photos from my zine. I think is Korean. 

Also BONUS videos. I took about 4,5 videos but these are the ones i uploaded so far. There were dozen of flipbooks. Super awesome

There were others some of the ones that deserve mention were spanish, french and some newyorkers that were really amazing. European underground art is really cool. 

ADDED L8TER: There were many indonesian as wel. Indonesian art is really interesting because it looks a lot like anime. Maybe anime is really popular in indonesia?? I know that Indonesia even makes anime.

Also finally next post will be on what I've been working on. Experimenting with a new style more in the vein of comic/illustration. And trying to make really basic tshirt designs without a screen just using stencils. Is just a test gonna make a more well thought out one after this 

my comic book style whatever style i was talking about & the comic book setup for a future comic perhaps starting to work on it soon still thinking about it..that's for much much later many posts from now. 

In the last picture NOTICE 3 things!!! 1. the deck of magic cards (my source of inspiration #1) 2. the manga is one piece my favourite anime right everywhere i go in japan (really popular here but im by no means a person that automatically hates everything popular) 3. the pens i use very standard been using them for the past few years IF anyone suggests anything new pleas let me know

C U later